Anything Week 5: Fear — Do It Afraid

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Can you believe that we’re half-way into this bold prayer?! What conversations are you having with your group or with friends? What is God brewing in you?

I’m going to bug you again to join the conversation! We want to hear from you in the comments on the Anything study pages!

If you’re just joining us in the Anything online Bible study, here’s where you go for Week OneWeek TwoWeek Three, and Week Four.

For Week Five, we’ll:

  • Watch the video
  • Read Chapters 11-13 of Anything
  • Study Philippians 3:7-11
  • Answer the questions and projects on pages 233-239 in the Study Guide at the back of the book.

* * *

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. — Ephesians 2:10

I am afraid of heights. This isn’t a small thing, my friends. It’s ludicrous and embarrassing.

When I took my kids to the Grand Canyon years ago, I felt so ill and thought I had a stomach bug the entire time when it was actually acrophobia! Just imagine seeing my sweet, tow-headed, wildman son grabbing onto a handrail (as a guide was warning everyone to stay away from the edges because the cliff was sheer) and impulsively swinging his 7-year-old legs out over the abyss. He lived, but I nearly had a heart attack diving for him and dragging the poor confused child to safety. It gives me pin-prickles from head to toe. I’m sweating right now. No joke. I am afraid of heights.

When my littles had a birthday party at a water park, they begged me to take them on “the big slide” and after some deep breathing, I thought, Get it together, woman! You can do this! So I climbed.

And climbed.

And climbed.

Three stories up a tower until we reached the top where I looked down, screamed my head off, flung myself onto the deck and army crawled to the slide. Crying hysterically while my kids quietly died inside and begged me to get up. (Stop laughing. It was terrible!) I am afraid of heights.

Rephrase: I am currently gaining victory over my fear of heights.

Last year on my forty-whatever birthday, I decided No More Fear. I got tired of being afraid, not only of heights, but of everything — the future, bad things becoming worse things, my marriage failing, something horrid happening to any of my children, what God (and people) would think of me if such and such happened, financial insecurity, of missing my calling and wasting my life, of disappointing God just by being me, or that He would ask me to do even harder things when I felt in over my head already… and on and on.

Here’s what I learned during that time: You can be afraid and still do what you’re called to do.

Do it afraid!

And, once you start telling fear to shut up and sit down because you’re too busy to waste time having a conversation with him… great things happen! If you just take one brave step. Just knock down one domino and see what happens next!

And, if you gather a troupe of people around you who are also being brave, and asking God for big stuff, and are ready to risk big risks, the journey is actually exciting! We are meant to be brave together!

What are you afraid of losing? What are you afraid of giving up? As you read Philippians 3:7-11 in our study this week and as you sit down with Project One, I encourage you to stop and spend some time asking the Lord to show you what things you’re holding onto and to help you face those fears and offer them up to Him.

What is God nudging you to do that feels beyond your ability?

  • Are you afraid of adopting? Pursue adoption anyway.
  • Are you worried that becoming a Safe Family or foster parent to a child in need will be too overwhelming or upset the relative calm at home too much? Press on ahead anyway.
  • Are you anxious about what people will think if you start a non-profit? Seek the wisdom of others you trust, ignore the anxiety and follow God.
  • Are you worried about financial security if you follow that Holy Spirit whisper to stay home with your kids and put your career off for a few more years? Trust, be bold, and jump!

I want to cliff jump like Jennie’s kids — both physically and spiritually. Even though the thought of looking over a cliff into the water below makes me sweat. Even though looking ahead into the unknown adventure God has for me to go and do. I want to jump! And jump, and jump, and jump! How about you?

For further study and extra brownie points…

Read this week:

  • James 1:12
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
  • John 14:15
  • Hebrews 11:1-40

* * *

Your Turn

Come join the conversation on our Anything page for Week 5 here! We want to hear what you’re learning, what God is saying to you, and how you’re responding to His calling! This week we also invite you to share your responses to the question from page 235 of this week’s study. Who’s faith has most shaped yours? What about their obedience impacted you?

Laurie McClure

Laurie is a Jesus apprentice, a single mama of five (three homegrown, one Kentuckian, and one Ethiopian), a writer, beach lover, and is addicted to radical grace, Perrier, and yoga pants. Here at FaithGateway she is the editor, the leader of Faith.Full, our women's community, and curator of Devotionals Daily.

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