Anything Week 8: A Simple Prayer — It Will Be Worth It

Can you believe that this is the end of our study? We’ve been through eight weeks together and lives have been changed! This week Jennie leads the closing section of our study with this…

“A day is coming when our eyes will close and there will be no more chaos. No one will be preaching or writing books about God to help us remember, because we will be alive in that world with him forever.”

Anything is nothing in light of that. In light of forever. In light of him” (page 184).

From Jennie:

“Goodness, thank you. Thank you for journeying here with me for these weeks. I do still hold tightly to these words. He is coming–that day is coming faster than any of us realize. What will we do with the time we have been given? I want what Jesus wants for me, even if it costs me everything here. ~ Jennie”

For this final Week Eight, we’ll:

  • Watch the video (and get to hear Cooper’s story!)
  • Read Chapters 19-20 of Anything
  • Study 1 Peter 1:3-9
  • Answer the questions and projects on pages 257-262 in the Study Guide at the back of the book.

* * *


Friends, last week was difficult, but so necessary. What did you think as you studied spiritual warfare and asked the Lord to help you prepare for whatever battle rises up in your face?

How has your life already started changing as you’ve prayed this “Lord, I’ll do anything” prayer?

It’ll be worth it.

No matter what happens, as you follow God — no matter what awesome, wonderful, scary, challenging, and life-upending path He leads you on, it will be worth it.

When we stand (or lay prostrate — I’m not sure we’ll be able to stand) before the magnificent throne of God almighty, we won’t regret having followed Him.

Even though we may have to walk away from our old lives. Even though we may  lose some of “our people” — friends who’d promised to be there forever. Even though chaotic schedules, troubles with teenagers, car accidents, financial crashes, sudden illnesses, spiritual warfare, church divisions, community unrest, and political overturns will happen. Even though we may fight with all of our hearts for worthwhile endeavors that end up seeming to be failures.

It will be worth it.

We will go through trials, sufferings, and unimaginable crises that will plant us face down in front of God in completely appropriate lament.

Laments are what worship looks like in the darkness. ~ Mike Erre, Lament from the series Undone, E. V. Free, Fullerton

It will be worth it.

Have you ever heard Patsy Clairmont tell the story of her son Jason when he was seven? There was a knock at the door and Patsy answered only to find her little Jason standing there.

Although he was an obedient and cooperative child, he suddenly announced, “I’ve quit school!”

Patsy answered, “You’ve quit school?! You’re seven years old, honey! Why have you quit school?”

He said, “It’s too long. It’s too hard. And, it’s too boring.”

Patsy level-headedly replied, “Honey, you have just described life. Get on the bus!”

Friends, we’re in this all the way. We’ve prayed anything and meant it. We’ve risked putting everything in God’s hands and saying, “You are good. I’m in. I’ll do anything.” We mustn’t quit just because the journey is too long, the troubles are too hard, and the day-to-day jobs in-between times are too boring! Get on the bus! We’re in it together!

Do what He says — whatever He says. ~ Jennie Allen, Anything (page 187)

Bible Study for Extra Credit

Romans 5:3-5

Hebrews 12:2

Hebrews 10:36

Romans 5:13

* * *

Your Turn

Does it feel worth it right now? Are you in the thick of struggling after making a decision to do anything for God? It will be worth it! Come share your story with us on the Anything page and receive encouragements from others who are also running flat-out for Jesus. We want to hear how your life has changed over the last eight weeks since starting this study!

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