Believing Jesus: Looking Back, Looking Ahead


We hope you enjoyed the Believing Jesus Bible Study as much as we did!

Don’t you wish you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with dear Lisa? She’s just so fun, funny, wise, and sisterly! My two youngest daughters are nine and both wish they could have lunch and a Chick-fil-A playdate with Missy. The joy those two share is contagious!

I’m thankful that Lisa not only teaches the Word of God so creatively and honestly – with hilarious storytelling ability – but also that she shared so openly her life story with us, including the painful journey toward adoption. Aren’t you glad that the Holy Spirit prodded her, and that God Himself gave her, a heart for adoption and for sharing the Gospel?

Thank you, Lisa, for being such a great Bible study teacher! And a special thanks to the women behind-the-scenes at FaithGateway and Faith.Full for helping out with this study. You may have met Julie in the Facebook private group, and Jaime in the Thursday night chats. Thanks ladies for always being there for our participants! I’ve so enjoyed being your online study leader through all this, and am looking forward to shepherding you through our next study, The Longing In Me with Sheila Walsh. I. Simply. Can’t. Wait. Sheila is one of my favorite teachers and a wonderful friend!

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Through this study we have learned so much about the Book of Acts, the early Church, the first Christians, and what it means to be a follower of, and risk-taker for, our savior Jesus.

What was your most important take-away from Believing Jesus?

Here’s a recap of everything we’ve studied. We’ve been through a lot together!

The Declarations that Define Us – We launched into Dr. Luke’s astonishing account of what happened in the lives of the disciples and early Church (“The Way”) as they believed Jesus and began to act on that belief.

Earth, Wind, and Celestial Fire – We buckled up for the stunning event of the Pentecost and how the introduction of the Holy Spirit and how He empowers, comforts, and strengthens His people to super-charge them for ministry.

Checkered Pasts Can Make Incredible Preachers – So many of us related on a deep level with the feel that the mistakes we’ve made in the past, and the harm that’s been done to us disqualified us for ministry. But, we learned more about Peter and Paul and how God used their failures as the foundations for their powerful, world-rocking ministries.

What’s Mine Is Yours – We learned that being part of the Church Jesus intended us to be means engaging in community, being interdependent, sacrificing our own comfort and security, sharing everything with one another, and being willing to receive (sometimes a challenging feat).

Loving More People, More – We tackled our preferences, discriminations, and prejudices in order to be open and welcoming to all those whom Jesus called into His family. Race, color, creed, country of origin are now differences to be celebrated and enjoyed, not seen as lines of division and opposition.

The Need to Be ReGospeled – We were reminded that we forget! We forget who Jesus is and who we are in Him. It’s that simple. Sometimes we get off-track and need to be reGospeled and preach the Gospel to each other and especially to ourselves.

Turning Your World Upside Down – It’s all about Jesus! Not that Jesus on black and white Bible pages that seem dusty and stale, but this Jesus, the Anointed One, the One who loves us so lavishly that we’re compelled by that love to be willing to do anything for Him!

Bearing the Chain Because – Annie told us, “Sometimes love helps us bear things we normally wouldn’t be willing to bear.” That’s our story. Jesus loves us so wildly which causes us to love Him and the world around us through our actions… even if it causes us a little (or a lot of) suffering and difficulty for the short period of time we have here. Jesus’ love is a transforming love! His love builds a boldness in us that we never would have imagined before to live with confidence and abandon for whatever He has for us to do.

Some Final Housekeeping

As a reminder, if you’re still catching up with the videos, our friends at Study Gateway are making them available for one more week until March 15; and the final Session 8 will be available until March 22. After that, you can access the videos anytime with your Study Gateway individual subscription – just $7.95/month for unlimited access to the entire video library of thousands of videos from some of the world’s best Bible study teachers!

If you’ve been blessed by this study we hope that you will recommend it to your church’s small group or women’s ministry. Or consider leading a group in your home through the study this spring. It’s a perfect opportunity to invite some neighbors over and share the Gospel!

Finally, for those of you in the private Facebook Group, you do not need to leave or exit the group once this study is complete. Feel free to keep chatting with each other about Believing Jesus for another week or so, then roll right into The Longing In Me with Sheila Walsh starting in April! Plus we have 5 other NEW studies coming up this year so please stay in the group to stay informed! 

Our Final Prayer

Jesus, look upon Your Children and see how much we love you. We not only believe in You, we not only believe that you can do miracles and change lives, we believe that You will! Thank You for this opportunity to learn from Lisa and Dr. Luke about the people of The Way and how the earliest Church turned their lives and lifestyles upside down because of the truth of the resurrection of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Fill us with Your spirit daily as we with boldness living bravely and counter-culturally in community with our brothers and sisters in Christ and engaging with and loving on the needy and the lost with compassion in Jesus Name. Amen.

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Our OBS friends, you’re the first to get a glimpse at the brand-new study from Sheila Walsh, The Longing In Me: A Study of David, launching nationwide this April. We are thrilled to announce that our friends at Study Gateway will once again be making the videos available for FREE, exclusively for our Online Bible Study participants. We’ll get started back up the Week of April 10 after the Easter and spring break holidays!

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