Believing Jesus Week 8: Bearing the Chain Because


Welcome to Week 8 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study!

Oh, it’s bittersweet! This has been such a life-rocking study for so many of us worldwide. We just can’t continue living the same “normal” Christian lives once we’ve been prodded by the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with wild abandon! To get a little reckless for THIS Jesus.

I can’t wait for you to hear Lisa’s story of the joy-bomb “Priscilla” in this week’s video. She’s filled with a passion for sharing Jesus and a joy not just in her salvation but in spreading the Good News! Most of us don’t have stories like Priscilla. Most of us won’t go to prison for our faith. Most of us won’t be martyred as we preach the Gospel. But, we can ask Jesus for that kind of passion, that kind of boldness!

One of my favorite words has become the word bold.

Merriam-Webster says that bold means:

adjective \ ‘bōld\

: fearless before danger or difficult situations

: showing or needing confidence or lack of fear

: showing or requiring a fearless, daring spirit

Hold onto your hats as you read some synonyms for bold:

daring, intrepid, brave, courageous, valiant, valorous, fearless, dauntless, audacious, daredevil, adventurous, heroic, plucky, spirited, confident, assured, gutsy, gutty, spunky, feisty, temerarious (isn’t that a fabulous, erudite word?).

If you’re anything like me, those words light a fire in you, too!

As Lisa says on the video:

If you really believe that our God not only can do anything, but He will do it, then we will live with more risk! We will recognize we have the power of the resurrection living in us through the Holy Spirit. ~ Lisa Harper

In this final week we’re in Session Eight “Bearing the Chain Because”.

This week for the study you will:

  1. Read Acts 28:16-31.
  1. Watch the video for Week 8 – either on DVD or on StudyGateway (still FREE).
  1. Go through the discussion questions for Session 8 in the Believing Jesus Study Guide (pages 168-174).
  1. For your personal study this week, answer the questions each day in the Believing Jesus Study Guide (pages 175-190, the light blue section).

Here are Days 1-5 in the study guide:

  • Day 1: The Boldness of Priscilla
  • Day 2: The Boldness of Peter
  • Day 3: The Boldness of Paul
  • Day 4: The Boldness of Dr. Luke
  • Day 5: The Boldness of Jesus
  1. Recommended (but optional) reading for this week: Read chapter 9, “Bearing the Chain Because”, and chapter 10, “Kicking Safe, Comfortable Christianity to the Curb” in Believing Jesus – the paperback companion book, not study guide.

Activity This Week

How can you bear the chain for Christ? Lisa’s suggestion is to get involved with organizations such as the A21 Campaign ( Maybe you’re able to volunteer ( ) in Costa Mesa, CA, Charleston, SC, London, UK, or any of the other seven A21 offices. Maybe you can fundraise ( ). Or maybe you have the financial ability to give regular monthly support ( ).

Do some brief brainstorming about how you (perhaps with a friend or other members of your study group) might demonstrate the love of Christ by “bearing the chains” for his sake.

For this reason, therefore, I have asked to see you and speak with you, since it is because of the hope of Israel that I am wearing this chain. — Acts 28:20

Prayer for the Week

King Jesus, we are willing to take any risk for Your cause! Help us to face any fear with boldness. Give us hearts of lions like our Christian brothers and sisters before us and readiness to declare that Jesus is worth whatever difficulties we face due to sharing our faith in joy with others. May we be bold for YOU! Amen.

* * *


Wrap Up and Save the Date

Stay tuned to next Monday’s newsletter for our wrap-up of our study!

And I’m thrilled to announce our next study… The Longing In Me with Sheila Walsh. This is six-week study of the life of David from Sheila’s new book and study coming out next month! Just like with our Believing Jesus study, our friends at Study Gateway will be making the videos available for free for a limited time for our online Bible Study participants. We can’t wait! Sheila is one of our favorite Bible study teachers!

In this study, Sheila draws on her own experiences and the life of King David to reveal that all our longings are rooted in a need for God—and nothing else will satisfy when it comes to filling that void.

Here’s a preview of the schedule. Study dates are April 10-May 21.

Week 1: Longing to Be Chosen (Week of April 10)

Week 2: Longing for Protection (Week of April 17)

Week 3: Longing for Control (Week of April 24)

Week 4: Longing for Happiness (Week of May 1)

Week 5: Longing for God’s Grace (Week of May 8)

Week 6: Longing for God Alone (Week of May 15)

Be sure to save the date and gather your girlfriends to join us! Registration opens next week, Monday, March 7.

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