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Hi OBS friends, How is your personal study going so far this first week? Have you had a chance to watch the session one video?

I’m Jaime Guthals, your group chat moderator for The Broken Way online Bible study, here to tell you everything you need to know about our weekly discussions. If you participated in our kickoff event with Ann on Monday night, you’ll find that the format is very similar. In fact, our Thursday group discussions take place on the very same page as the kickoff, with the same chat room tools for interaction.

This is totally FREE and OPTIONAL for people who want the extra interaction each week.

Join us here:

Thursday, January 26 at 1 pm EST or 9 pm EST
to discuss this week’s video and the study questions – the ‘Talk About It’ section of our study guides (session one, pages 16-21).

We’re giving you two time options each week so choose the one that works best for you, but there’s no need to attend both. We get together on Thursdays because that gives you enough time each week – after your Sunday email – to watch the video and work through your study guide. A lot of people then tackle the ‘Personal Study’ section of the study guide over the weekend, or a little day by day.

Read the following Scriptures before our chat:

  • Psalms 42 and 43
  • John 12:24-25
  • Psalm 109:22-23

Here’s how this is going to work. We’ll be using the LiveFyre chat space on the page to first discuss Ann’s session one study video. The discussion is all through typing – you will not personally appear on camera (so don’t worry about doing your hair or makeup!). There is no live video!

We’ll interact with each other and talk about our responses to this week’s study questions – much like you would in a small group setting in your church or home.

Allow time to pause, think, and read other people’s responses… the chat room in Monday’s kickoff was crazy wonderful to see all the hellos from people around the world, but these Thursday chats will settle down and be a little more structured.

To help keep our Thursday conversations organized, please try to respond to questions under the moderator’s original question (look for the FaithGateway avatar) by hitting the REPLY button.

You’ll find this format works best from a computer, but if you have a mobile phone or tablet you can still participate – it just may be a little harder to keep up with the conversation threads! We recommend joining the chat from a computer if at all possible.

We’ll be back hosting group discussions every week for the next five six– same times, same place!

Just Joining Us?

If you’re new and just getting started, or waiting on your study guide to arrive, don’t worry if you haven’t finished your homework for this week’s discussion groups. Jump in when you can!

If you misplaced your session one study guide digital PDF, download it again here!

Can’t make it tomorrow at 1 pm or 9 pm EST? You can always click on the chat room page to read through the archives and come back and join us next week.

We’re also posting a Question of the Day to the Facebook OBS group page – you’ll find the question pinned to the top of the group page — so there will be further opportunity for daily discussion there.

Don’t Withhold the Gift. Share this Study!

If you were moved by this week’s kick-off event with Ann, and God has placed someone on your heart to do this study with you, it’s not too late!

Share Monday night’s Q&A with Ann via YouTube:

And invite your friends to sign up with this simple URL: 

Or simply hit “SHARE” on any of our blogs!

What if instead of waiting for good enough things to happen to us, we could be the good thing to happen to someone else who’s waiting? ~ Ann

We’re looking forward to connecting with you each week and being your stego place for authentic, open and honest discussion. And we’ll be digging deep into the scriptures, so if you love exegesis and studying God’s Word, we’ll be looking for the applications and finding how the Bible has the answer for our every question and every need! Come as you are… Shalom!

Jaime Guthals

Hi, I'm Jaime Guthals, the editorial director at - a fancy title, but really, I’m a simple Southern girl who has been blessed with this dream job and every day I'm awe-struck by how God uses unlikely people to accomplish extraordinary things. It's been proven in the Bible, and certainly in my life. Soli deo Gloria. On a personal note, I've worked in publishing for more than 20 years, am a mother of three, wife to a handsome science-geek, and I'm thankful for the small moments, every day. My one word for 2017: Cherish.

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