The Broken Way: Looking Back, Looking Ahead


Look how far you’ve come! You made it to the end of the study! We hope you have been blessed by the last six weeks of The Broken Way Online Bible Study with our teacher and friend, Ann Voskamp. We’ve loved hearing your stories of life change and transformation through cruciform living and finding koinonia!


So what’s your next? This is our catch-up week, and it’s a perfect time to re-watch the study videos, and go over your notes and study guide before wrapping up. I never want to miss out on any of the good stuff the Lord wants to say to me, or any new direction He might be pointing! You have through Saturday, March 11 to go back and watch the videos for free.

You can watch all six session here:

… And after that you can access them on DVD or through our friends at StudyGateway. Right now StudyGateway is offering a FREE 30-Day trial! StudyGateway has a new, improved platform for viewing online Bible videos with all your favorite teachers: Lysa TerKeurst, Ann Graham Lotz, Christine Caine, Jennie Allen, Sheila Walsh, Lisa Harper, and many, many more (including plenty of male teachers)! Be sure to check it out at

As I was reviewing The Broken Way this weekend, to be honest, I felt a little frustrated that my brokenness remains because I’d love to be fully healed and living in 100% victory. Wouldn’t you? (But, Heaven’s coming!) Yet, I’m also excited to see transformation, more of God’s presence in surprising ways (even some very painful ways), and more of seeing how God wants to use my broken. God is not done with me yet… He’s ready for me to step into complete freedom!

Which is why I’m super excited to be the first to announce that our NEXT study, starting March 26 is YOU ARE FREE with Rebekah Lyons.

I love this photo of Rebekah and Ann on The Broken + Free Tour:

Rebekah Lyons ans Ann Voskamp

Rebekah is a soul sister and an amazing writer and teacher, and in this study she’ll lead us to discover that true freedom comes when we know God is enough, when He is our everything… when He is our peace, strength, joy and rest, our provision, healer, hope, fortress, shelter, strong tower and Father.

Registration will open for YOU ARE FREE later this week so be sure to look for your email invite! More details to come!


Looking Back… Your Stories

In the beginning, we asked this question:

What if God Himself is right there in the brokenness and heartbreak? What if He has good and gracious and beautiful plans for that very space? What if that’s where the abundance and the healing is?

So many of you have shared how your lives have been impacted by this study:

Thank you, God, for Ann Voskamp and the road that has led her to this study that she shares so well with compassion and hope for a better world a better me. When my heart is selfish or tired I pray for perseverance and your strength to live for today as a disciple filled with Gods Love and poured out for the world to receive your love and hope for tomorrow/another day to receive and share your Love. In Jesus name I pray AMEN.
Victoria H. (No city)

I came to the Lord as an adult 35 years ago, but have walked with Him as the Unspoken Broken. I have masked and compensated the Broken through achievement, perfectionism, and ministry. However, I never experienced the joy of the Lord through any of those efforts. I saw Ann at a women’s conference in the fall of 2013, read 1000 Gifts and began her Joy Dare in January 2014. Thanking God for even the hard things has filled me with His joy. Her daily blogs have ministered God’s truth and comfort as no other preacher or teacher has. When I read the first two chapters of The Broken Way, I wept. I am doing this study alone but hope to bring it to the ladies of my small church. So many of us live and serve as the UNSPOKEN Broken. I admire those here who courageously share the details of their Broken, and you are teaching me to do the same, breaking through the pain and shame. Thankful for each of you.
– Maureen, Santa Clarita, CA

I’m doing this study independently and have almost finished reading The Broken Way. This book is challenging, encouraging, inspirational and some aspects are just plain hard. How do I respond to the broken around me and my own brokenness…to enter in and engage with brokenness (a friend with breast cancer and going through chemo). Honestly, it’s breaking me in all the right places and making me feel real for the first time. For such a time as this….
– Gabriela, Dubai, India

This set (Broken Way book and Study Guide) anonymously showed up at my house… It was my Birthday a few days ago and I was earnestly praying that I would get enough birthday cash to buy the set. God Provides! I opened the Amazon book package, expecting another children’s book from friends or grandparents. When this set emerged, I broke down, crying ugly, happy tears. My life has been so broken for so many years, and I’ve tried to remain focused on God’s plan and His glory. I’m so thankful for this book and Ann Voskamp for sharing her gift to others.
– Theresa, Milford, MI

I was glad to read Ann’s first book, 1000 Gifts. But what was missing – as she says – was the failures. I struggled with that because I have been stricken with both my own failures and with the experiences of being sinned against. I’m so thankful she wrote The Broken Way – thankful the Lord gave her the experiential knowing of her own depths and gave her the knowing of himself. I’m on this broken way myself, at the same intersection, and it will be speaking to me in my own, as Ann says, “torrid affair with guilt”, my tendency to isolate as a way to cut down on feeling more pain. I’m doing the study alone for now. I’m in northern New Jersey and am going to pick up a pen and do some real pouring out in His presence…. with relief and with wonder.
– Penny, Denville, New Jersey

This book, it cuts. It cuts through my crap, my excuses, my pain, yes it even cuts to the heart of my faith. I have stood on the rock of my faith and thought I had been standing strong, armored. God is showing me how broken I am, how many thousands of cracks are in my faith armor. But I remember this is the pit, he calls MY name, Beloved! One crack is filled with His love, strength, and assurance. One crack at a time. Just follow the light and He will remember my name and re-member my fractures.
– Kim, Raleigh, NC

Cancer lost though I am still very broken from the long, arduous battle, a wounded warrior. Trying to learn how to turn the bad broken into good broken, deeply grateful for this beautiful study, journey really. Every day is a gift. Looking at the cross & counting the days is a great reminder of grace, hope, love & mercy… My beautiful husband is doing the video portion with me. Yesterday quietly talking, he turned his wrist to me… He had drawn a cross on his as well… Praise You Father, Abba, complete Your work in us…”Beloved!”
– Karen, Eureka, CA

* * *

Our dear OBS friends, thank you for being so open through this, vulnerably sharing your testimonies prayers, and praises!

God loves us. He loves you. He is faithful. He is worthy to be praised. He is unchanging. He calls us “Beloved”. Amen and amen!

The LORD  bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine on you and be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His face on you and give you peace. — Numbers 6:24-26

Thank you, Ann, for sharing The Broken Way with us. Thank you for pointing towards Jesus over and over again. We learned so much about turning our faces toward Him and reaching out to love others no matter what, in good times and in bad through this study.

Special thanks to our friends behind-the-scenes at FaithGateway and Faith.Full for all your wonderful work through this study, especially to Jaime, our Thursday live chat administrator. Thank you!

I’ve truly loved being your Online Bible Study leader and praying for you all and I am so looking forward to starting with you the YOU ARE FREE Online Bible Study! Stay tuned for more info! We hope you’ll join us!


King Jesus, thank You for this study. Thank You that You have a great plan for our lives… one that You craft through the brokenness this world heaps on us and sometimes that we create on our own. We trust You to be our Healer and the Lifter of our heads. Help us to lean into You and to be able to be a shoulder for others to lean on as well. We don’t want to turn inward when everything in our world goes pear-shaped. We want to be transformed and poured out for the sake of Your glory. We trust that You are with us, and for us. Help us to lift our faces to You, to praise You in the middle of brokenness, and to be brave enough to knock on the doors of others who need Jesus to walk in. We love You. Amen!

Your Turn

What is your testimony? What was your most important take-away from The Broken Way? Come share your final thoughts with us!

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