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What Every Mom Should Teach Her Daughter

What Every Mom Should Teach Her Daughter

It is no accident that Kari Kampakis opens her book, 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know, with the subject of popularity. The first truth she shares with moms and daughters is this: Kindness is more important than popularity. Yes! She is right on. And we all (especially throughout adolescence) want to be popular. But our

What an Aware Young Woman Should Know

Ultimately, no one can save our daughters better than our daughters themselves. Ideally, young girls will know enough to see trouble coming and avoid it, but wisdom is a hard-earned commodity. Few of us earn enough of it as adolescents to avoid the temptations that adolescence brings. Our daughters need help. They will not only

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5 Things Dads of Daughters Do to Have Fun

Dads and daughters. Is there anything more precious? Is there any more precious bond? I have the most amazing dad, so my standards were set pretty high from the beginning when I was on the lookout for my mate. To say I found the most perfect man would be an understatement. Little did I know