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Gain immediate access to our new FREE eBook, If I Could Ask God Anything: 20 Questions and Answers about Prayer by Kathryn Slattery. This resource is jam-packed with clear, easy-to-understand answers to kids’ questions about prayer, making it the perfect eBook for children and parents!

This FREE eBook about prayer answers 20 of kids’ top questions, such as:

  • What is prayer?
  • Do I need to use special words when I pray?
  • Do I have to kneel when I pray?
  • What does it mean to pray in ‘Jesus’ Name’?
  • What should I do when I can’t think of what to pray?

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Get the FREE eBook with answers to children’s most-common questions about prayer!

Popular author, mom, and Bible teacher Kathryn Slattery tackles the “toughies”  such as:

  • Can I know for sure that God hears my prayers?
  • Can I know for sure that God will answer my prayers?
  • Can God actually talk to me?
  • What is intercessory prayer?
  • Do miracles still happen today?

As well as fun, real-life questions from kids:

  • Is it OK to pray with a friend over the phone?
  • Why do we say ‘Amen’ at the end of prayers?
  • Is it OK to pray for help on a test?
  • and many more!

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Why we love this book:

“I sometimes stumble in my own prayer life, and I needed this inspiration to teach my kids about prayer! This eBook has become part of my family’s daily devotional time and my two sons, ages 6 and 9, love the friendly Q&A format! We read the eBook on my tablet (I have it on my phone too), and we’ve tacked one question at a time for 20 days over morning breakfast. They’re finally beginning to understand that prayer is a one-on-one conversation with their heavenly Father, and that it doesn’t have to be routine… or perfect!” ~Jaime Guthals, FaithGateway.com 

What’s Inside the FREE eBook:

How to teach children to pray

Get the FREE eBOOK that teaches kids about prayer and God’s great love!

This eBook encourages children to embrace a personal relationship with God and discover that prayer is a conversation with God. As Slattery explains to children in the eBook, “One part of the conversation is talking. The other part is listening…. God wants to listen to you (Psalm 34:15). He is interested in all your thoughts and feelings. He is interested in all your friendships, hopes, and dreams. He is interested in everything about you. God wants to talk to you! (Isaiah 30:21).

As a further taste of this FREE eBook, here’s an excerpt from one Q&A:

Question: Do I Need to Use Special Words When I Pray?

Answer: You don’t need to use special words when you pray. You don’t need to use fancy language. You don’t need to memorize prayers. You don’t need to recite prayers written by other people. You don’t need to write down your thoughts before you pray. You don’t even need to speak out loud. It’s perfectly all right to have a conversation with God silently. This is because God hears your thoughts.

When you pray, just be yourself. Talk to God as if He is your best friend in the whole world. It is all right to cry when you pray. It is all right to laugh too. Jesus was so close to God that when He prayed, He called God “Abba,” which means “daddy” or “papa” (Mark 14:36). Jesus says this is how we should pray to God too.

If I Could Ask God Anything: 20 Questions and Answers about Prayer by Kathryn Slattery

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Wait – there’s more! Included in this FREE eBook to teach kids about prayer are:

  • 3 example blessings to learn to say before eating
  • 1 sample bedtime prayer
  • 10 tips for praying out loud with friends
  • The Lord’s Prayer to learn and memorize
  • A lesson on the “ACTS” way to pray – A is for adoration; C is for confession; T is for thanksgiving; S is for supplication
  • Scripture references for older kids to look up and see what the Bible says about prayer!

Don’t just take our word for it! Read what others are saying about Kathryn Slattery’s book

” [This book’s] answers to kids’ questions about God are clear, thoughtful, and theologically right on. Kathryn Slattery never talks down to kids– she talks with them!”

–Edward Grunnan, Editor-in-Chief, Guideposts

“Finally a book that speaks to the wonderfully curious minds of children! If I Could Ask God Anything is a marvelous resource for parents and teachers to help start meaningful conversations with young kids about the heart of the Father and the journey of faith. I highly recommend it!”

–The Rev. Ian Morgan Cron, Author, Chasing Francis: A Pilgrim’s Tale

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Get the FREE eBook and teach your kids about prayer today! 



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