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Believing Jesus: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Believing Jesus: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

We hope you enjoyed the Believing Jesus Bible Study as much as we did! Don’t you wish you could sit down and have a cup of coffee with dear Lisa? She’s just so fun, funny, wise, and sisterly! My two youngest daughters are nine and both wish they could have lunch and a Chick-fil-A playdate

Believing Jesus Week 8: Bearing the Chain Because

Welcome to Week 8 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study! Oh, it’s bittersweet! This has been such a life-rocking study for so many of us worldwide. We just can’t continue living the same “normal” Christian lives once we’ve been prodded by the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with wild abandon! To get a little reckless

Believing Jesus Week 7: Turning Your World Upside Down

Welcome to Week 7 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study! We have two weeks to go until the end of our study… it’s time to get a little bit wild for Jesus! Last week we were reminded of our need to be reGospeled over and over again. As humans (just like Martha, Mary, John the

Believing Jesus Week 5: Loving More People, More

Here we are in Week 5 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study and it’s really just coincidence that we’re talking about “Loving More People, More” this week before Valentine’s Day! But what perfect timing!  Last week we dug into community. Our challenge was to ask ourselves two questions: What are our needs? And, what do we

Believing Jesus Week 3: Checkered Pasts Can Make Incredible Preachers

Here we are in Week 3 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study! Last week we talked and studied the Holy Spirit and how, if we let Him, He can empower our lives, instruct and convict us in our personal spiritual walks, and help and free us as we learn to listen and trust God. In what

acts 2 17 god says i will pour my spirit

Believing Jesus Week 2: Earth, Wind and Celestial Fire

Welcome to Week 2 of the Believing Jesus Bible Study We hope you enjoyed the launch week of this awesome adventure through the Book of Acts with dear Lisa Harper. Aside from Lisa’s crazy massage story (what a riot!), what was your favorite part of the video teaching? What did you learn from the study as

Believing Jesus Week 1: The Declarations That Define Us

Are you ready for an adventure? The Book of Acts is one wild ride of faith and spiritual maturity, so prepare to be stretched and encouraged to grow in boldness, faith, and love for Jesus as we study for these next eight weeks! This week we’re getting started with Believing Jesus week one, “The Declarations that Define

You’re invited! Lisa Harper’s Believing Jesus Online Bible Study is HERE!

  One of my most beloved Bible teachers, Lisa Harper, a Jesus-loving, Harley-riding, risk-taking, loud-laughing, single adoptive mama/hero is coming to Faith.Full and FaithGateway for our next Online Bible Study – Believing Jesus – and I am unabashedly jazzed about it. Plus, she’s teaching one of the most adventure-packed, exciting books of the Bible —