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Play With Fire: That’s a Wrap!

Play With Fire: That’s a Wrap!

What an amazing five weeks we’ve had with you all! Now it’s time to look back through our study guides, review what we’ve learned, share with each other about how we’ve been transformed by fire, and celebrate being lit up by the Holy Spirit and the Play with Fire Bible Study with our new friend,

Play With Fire Week Five — Holy Spirit

This is probably not the wisest thing to admit as a Bible study leader, and it just might make you think I’m the most unholy person ever, but here goes… When I was little I envisioned God the Father as a big, strong, grandfatherly figure with long, white, curly hair, a fluffy beard, and a

Play With Fire Week Four — Community

Last week was so encouraging and uplifting as we embraced God’s promises and His faithfulness, wasn’t it? Especially during seasons of fire it’s easy to let those assurances that are ours as the children of God slip away like they don’t apply anymore, and yet they do! How did you do in your personal study

Play With Fire Week Two — Surrender

Did you enjoy launch week for Play With Fire with our enthusiastic and spicy teacher, Bianca Juárez Olthoff? I love how passionate Bianca is about Scripture, helping us deepen our relationship with the Lord, and being refined and changed from the inside out during fire-y seasons. Plans to Prosper You and Not Harm You Have

Play With Fire Week One — Crying Out

From the OBS Team: WELCOME! We are thrilled to be launching our Fall Online Bible Study Play With Fire with Bianca Olthoff today! Bianca is a new face to many, but believe us, she is filled with passion for Jesus, zeal for His Word, and enthusiasm to share this message of hope, healing, and release