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That’s a Wrap! Looking Back at The Longing in Me

That’s a Wrap! Looking Back at The Longing in Me

We hope you enjoyed The Longing in Me Bible Study as much as we did! One of the reasons I love Sheila Walsh is that she always dives deep personally. She’s not afraid to tell the nitty-gritty of her story. The stuff most of us wouldn’t want to share with others because it’s so deeply personal,

The Longing in Me Week 6 – Longing for God Alone

It’s here! Our final week of The Longing in Me study. I don’t know about you, but for me this study has been life-changing as we’ve looked at the life of King David and our misguided longings – those longings that, when not pointed toward God, cause trials, suffering, damaged and dulled relationships with God,

The Longing in Me Week 5 – The Longing for God’s Grace

  Can you believe there are only two weeks left in our study? We’re now in Session Five “The Longing for God’s Grace” and I just love this quote Sheila selected from Philip Yancey as the opening to this chapter: If I care to listen, I hear a loud whisper from the gospel that I

True Contentment in Christ

The Longing in Me Week 4 – The Longing for Happiness

Welcome to Week 4 of The Longing in Me Online Bible Study! Last week was somewhat of a doozie, wasn’t it? The longing for control hit many of us right in the solar plexus. Our circumstances run the whole spectrum of situations in life, but one common thread is that we so wish things would go

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The Longing in Me Week 3 – Longing for Control

It’s Week Three of The Longing in Me Online Bible Study! Welcome back! Last week we talked about the longing to be protected as we studied the story of young David facing Goliath. What giants have you faced with God on your side? We had some great conversation in our Thursday group chats about how

The Longing in Me Week 1 — Longing to Be Chosen

We are thrilled to finally get started on this new online Bible study, The Longing in Me with Sheila Walsh, today! We have been looking forward to this for months and it’s here at last! We’re going to have an incredible time together with an incredible teacher! As we dive in, we really want to encourage you to

The Longing for That One Thing You Think You Need…

In his study on the life of King David, Chuck Swindoll wrote, “David, being a man with a strong sexual appetite, mistakenly thought, To satisfy it I will have more women. Thus, when he became king, he added to the harem, but his drive only increased. One of the lies of our secular society is

You’re Invited! Join The Longing in Me Study with Sheila Walsh

Once in a while a friend comes alongside you in the middle of your struggle and you immediately know that she understands, that she’s been through serious trials herself that have produced such wisdom and empathy that you feel better just because she’s there. Dear Sheila Walsh is that kind of friend. She’s full of strength, courage, and deep