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The Other Side of Beauty: Ditching Comparison

The Other Side of Beauty: Ditching Comparison

I’ve never had more friends today that I don’t really know, yet these “friends” can still affect me. I scroll through their highlight reels of life on social media, and without much effort at all, I begin to compare. I compare my marriage, my kids, my house decor (or lack thereof), my cooking, my vacations.

Fiction Friday — Colleen Coble: What Every Aspiring Fiction Writer Should Know

Friends, given the enthusiastic response to our recent fiction feature, we are thrilled to be launching Faith.Full Fiction Friday! Once a month we’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite fiction writers and fantastic deals to keep your bedside table book pile stacked up and ready for those cozy moments by the fire with

Something to Talk About

Wonderful Ways to Use Your Words A word fitly spoken and in due season is like apples of gold in settings of silver. — Proverbs 25:11 They can build up or tear down. They can impart wisdom or bring shame. They can deliver encouragement or deflate the spirit. Words can be a weapon or a healing balm. A welcome sound

Stranger No More: He Hasn’t Given Up

Editor’s Note: “God, from this day on we are Christians.” Enjoy this excerpt from Stranger No More — the story of Annahita Parsan, a Muslim woman who escaped abuse in the miraculous rescue of Jesus. * Three hours later the police returned to find our bags packed and the children and me ready to go.

The One Jesus Loves

When I was a child and someone asked me what my name was I would say, “Sheila Davina Walsh.” My mum would tell me time after time that all I really needed to say was, my name is Sheila but that made no sense to my five-year old brain. There are lots of Sheila’s living

Strengthen Your Marriage – Build Contempt for Contempt

Several years ago, returning from a trip, I stepped inside the front door and felt like I had walked every one of the four hundred miles I had just driven. I had spoken six times in four days, and had driven through four different states to get where I needed to go. I pulled into

Suffering and Joy: The Whirling Dance

Love from the center of who you are; don’t fake it… Be good friends who love deeply. — Romans 12:9-10 Clare was the first new friend I made when I joined our church. She’s a love-from-the-center kind of friend. Bright, beautiful, and open, Clare is easy to connect with. When I discovered we had a mutual friend in a woman named