Unashamed Online Bible Study Wrap-Up


This is it! We’re finally at our wrap-up week! We hope you have been impacted and changed, and most of all encouraged, by the Unashamed Bible Study with our fearless leader, Christine Caine!

When I look back to the day I first held Christine’s book and study guide in my hands and I thought, Easy peasy! Not my issue. This’ll be a piece of cake! Plus, I love Christine’s joyful dance in the intro video. I wanna dance! I have to laugh. Little did I know how much this study would impact me, how shame has hidden in my heart like bricks in a backpack in subtle ways such as:

  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Trying hard. Working hard. Trying to “do it all.”
  • Hiding behind self-deprecating humor.
  • Being vague about my struggles with shame (even to myself) instead of being bravely truthful before God.
  • Being afraid of close relationships because I don’t want to be hurt or rejected again.

What was your most important take-away from Unashamed? It may sound pretty basic, but I think for me it was as simple as realizing that shame was such a big struggle and that God wanted me to be brave and honest so that He could heal me. I felt so strengthened by Christine’s strength and encouraged by her courage. Sometimes we need a bold and audacious friend to go before us and show us that we can do it, too, don’t you think? Christine did that for me.

You will heal as you go. The same Jesus that did it for me, I know, will do it for you! — CC

I’m not finished unpacking, but my backpack is so much lighter! Healing has come through this study and I’m looking forward to experiencing more as I keep dropping the baggage I’ve dragged around for too long. How about you?

Be strong and courageous! — Joshua 1:9

Thank you, Christine, for tackling this topic. Thank you for breaking through the shame barrier as Jesus did over and over again in Scripture. Thank you for giving us the boost to be courageous in telling the truth about what we’ve done, what’s been done to us, and what we’ve witnessed that have cloaked us in shame so we could be healed, and find hope again!

GOD LOVES YOU. God has a plan for you. NOTHING can separate you from Him. — CC

We are scar-covered, but those marks don’t define us. We’ve all been broken, mistreated, made a mess all by ourselves, gotten caught up in sin, and have at times been a witness to unspeakable events. But, because of the Cross, we can be free! And we can’t be used by God for good!

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. — John 8:36

Now, who’s ready to dance with me?

Enjoy This Week

If you’re still catching up with the videos, all five sessions will be available for one more week, through Sunday, September 25. If you’re anything like me, you’ll enjoy binge-watching them all again from start to finish to take in new revelations and let the teaching soak in!

This Isn’t Goodbye…

And, finally, as always, we owe huge thanks to our dear friends at FaithGateway and Faith.Full for all their wonderful work through this study — Julie and Jaime. Thank you for the love, hope, and leadership you’ve served us with every week!

I have loved being your Online Bible Study leader and praying through each week for all of you men and women the world-over who’ve joined us. And I am super excited to be starting our next Online Bible Study in October!

Our Big Reveal announcement is coming this week, so stay tuned. We hope you’ll join us again!


God, thank You for Unashamed. Thank You for Christine and we pray that You would bless her work in Your Kingdom. Bless her family. Extend her reach to those who do not know You and need the freedom You’ve given her and us. Thank You for the work you’ve done in our hearts and lives during these weeks. Thank You that we cannot even begin to imagine all that You will continue to do to unshackle us from crippling shame and lies of the enemy. Thank You that You’ve already paid for everything in our histories and futures that he accuses us of. We’re free. Free to fulfill our destinies. And free to dance! Help us as we continue to be healed. We trust in You and we love You! Amen and amen!

P.S. Christine Caine’s 50th Birthday is this Friday, September 23rd  and instead of presents this year, she want to use her birthday to reach, rescue, and restore more lives affected by modern-day slavery than ever before. Consider joining the A21 Walk For Freedom community! She’s nearly half-way to reaching her goal and has just five days left! Details below…


A message from Chris…

My dear online Bible study friends, 

This month I’m turning 50 on September 23… FIFTY! Because it’s a milestone birthday, lots of people have been asking me what I would like as a present for living half a century.

Almost 50 years ago to the day, I was left in a hospital unnamed and unwanted…and over the years, I’ve had to fight for the freedom that I stand in today. In the world, there are millions of people who are still trapped in bondage – people who are living their lives as unnamed victims of human trafficking.

So, instead of presents this year, I want to use my birthday to reach, rescue, and restore more lives affected by modern-day slavery than ever before. I’m joining our A21 Walk For Freedom community to raise funds, and my goal is $150,000.

Thank you for making this birthday a meaningful and memorable one. Together, we can set people free.

Christine Caine

Learn more and find out where you can donate or join the A21 #WalkForFreedom


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