You Are Free Week 2 — Free to Confess

You Are Free Week 2 — Free to Confess

Sir, give me some of this water… — John 4:15

I love the woman at the well. She’s completely unabashed staring straight into the face of Jesus and saying she’s lacking. She’s broken. She’s thirsty. And, she needs what Jesus has to offer.

Isn’t that you and me, too?

Then Jesus declared, “I, the One speaking to you – I am He.” — John 4:26

What freedom means for each of us is when Jesus looks at us and says, “I am He.” The One who reveals Himself to you. The One who sees you as chosen, and beloved, and appointed, and set apart. ~ Rebekah

You matter to Me… Is that enough? ~ God

This week we’re in You Are Free week two, “Free to Confess.”

 This week for the study you will:

  1. Watch the video for Week 2 – either on DVD or right here on FaithGateway and take notes in the You Are Free Study Guide on pages 33-38.

  1. If you’re meeting with a small group or in a church setting, go through the Group Discussion on pages 38-40.
  2. For your personal study this week, I encourage you to spend a little bit of time each day going through the Between Sessions Personal Study in the You Are Free Study Guide pages 41-49 and meditating on the Scriptures. Let’s be praying for one another that we’ll dig deep with the Holy Spirit in confession even if we feel afraid to tell God the truth about what He already know is in our hearts.
  3. Recommended (but optional) reading for this week: Read chapters 4-6 in You Are Free – the hardcover book, not study guide.
  4. Join us on Thursday, April 6th at 9 p.m. EST (optional) for a live chat to discuss this week’s study and enjoy and be encouraged by this community of believers. The live chat takes place right here, on the same page where you watch the week two video

Scriptures this Week

    • John 4:1-42
    • Romans 8:1-2
    • James 5:13-16

And lastly for this week, I encourage you to get away for several hours on your own to think about what’s weighing on you and confess it to the Lord. Play some of your favorite worship music. Ask Him to speak to you. It’ll be good!


Several years ago, I had just separated from a destructive and abusive marriage. Reeling, I sought Jesus with all of my heart. In the middle of that time of deep suffering and longing for healing and restoration, I came across this little book called Repentance — the Joy-Filled Life by M. Basilea Schlink. (By the way, a big thank you to my parents for not naming me Basilea.) Oh my, oh my. It launched a tidal wave of sorrow over my sins and a season of confession unlike I’d ever experienced. Truly, I couldn’t be more thankful for that book and that time because although it didn’t repair the marriage, it had a big hand in changing my relationship with the Lord forever.

You see, I thought it was a super holy act to ask the Lord to reveal my sins…

Turns out He had been waiting a long time for me to ask.

Once I started confessing and repenting, I began to realize a strange truth: I needed to repent of my unwillingness to truly, deeply repent! Have you ever been there?

It took me some time to discover that in this abusive marriage all I saw in front of me as big as a billboard was my ex-husband’s sins against me and our children. And, I had excused my own sins as “smaller.” I know… Ugly.

Enter the suffering of divorce.

It was through suffering that the Lord brought me to freedom. Freedom through confession and repentance. He drew me to Himself and in His grace allowed suffering to pound out the hardness and create a contrite heart. Over and over. God disciplines us in His love, sometimes intensely (like all good daddies do), so that we are humbled and learn to obey and follow Him. So that we confess and repent. No matter what anyone else has done. We’re not going to stand before the Throne with anybody else to shift the blame upon. Our stuff is ours. Mine is mine.

The truth is that if we’re not being 100% like Christ (no one ever is), then there are burdens weighing us down, and there are things to confess to Jesus for falling short of His best. That’s huge! You and I are always going to miss the mark. We’re always making mistakes. Heck, some of them are pre-planned “mistakes”, right? We are always going to have things to confess in order to live in the freedom Jesus came to bring us.

Confessing to God and turning away from wrong behavior is the only way to be free.

The truth is that I am a sinner. No comparison to any other on the planet. Just me and my pile of you-know-what to give with great grief over to the God who loves me enough to cover it with the blood of Jesus washing me white as snow.


So, here I am. Beginning again… Determining to be a person who lives in a continual state of repentance. Daily choosing not to compare myself with others. Daily bringing my heart before God asking for the truth, the dirty truth. Seeking to unburden myself and slake my thirst for the Living Water. Seeking to find the daily joy of His sweet and free forgiveness.

You can call me Basilea if you want. The name is growing on me.

Prayer for the Week

Jesus, Living Water, we thirst for You. Help us to be honest with You about the junk we carry around, the burdens that weight us down, the sins we’ve excused within ourselves. Help us to come to You and confess them and turn away towards You again. We love You, Jesus! Amen.

Let’s Chat

Don’t worry — We’re not going to ask what you’re confessing! But, we do want to know what freedom you’re finding through confession! Come share with us!

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