5 Things Dads of Daughters Do to Have Fun

Dads and daughters.

Is there anything more precious? Is there any more precious bond?

I have the most amazing dad, so my standards were set pretty high from the beginning when I was on the lookout for my mate.

To say I found the most perfect man would be an understatement. Little did I know that my amazing husband would be an even more amazing Dad.

I hope you have, or can find, the amazing in your husband like I have been able to! In fact, I’ve discovered five, fun little things a man might never in a million years dreamed of doing before becoming a dad to daughters.


Dads of Daughters…

1. … still do pile-ups, though often times it’s not as rough as with boys.
And typically it ends in a tickle fight versus punching.

2. … figure out how to style hair.
Even though it’s not as perfect as I would do it, the meaning and effort is way more. And clothes, oh the clothing choices! It never ceases me to see the fabulous combos my hubby puts together for the girls!

3. … show their girls how they should be treated by boys.
Yes, our girls are only 7, 4 and 2, but you can’t ever start teaching them young enough. In this day and age, your young ladies need to know HOW they should be treated by boys. Doors being opened, polite, sensitive… and on and on!

4. … play dress up daily.
And their Daddy is a trooper 24/7. Tiaras, sparkles, jewels and dresses galore!

5. … learn to wipe away tears and console versus pushing them away and criticizing.
As my husband always says, someone in our home is always crying. He blames it on all the hormones flying around. What can you do?

Most importantly, my husband is my girls’ knight in shining armor. I heard a saying once, “Someday I will find my prince, but my daddy will always be my king”. How appropriate is that? I just love it and hope that this provides you and your husband encouragement if you also have been blessed with girls!

Happy Father’s Day to the Dads out there!

Your Turn

Are you a parent of all girls? Dads of girls have such a special relationship that is to be celebrated, especially on Father’s Day! How do you celebrate special occasions like these with your girls in particular?

Shannon is much more than a 7-letter name. Her life consists of three little ladies and an amazing husband of 11+ years. Outside of her blogging life at thesimplemoms.com and itsallpink2me.com, you can find her hovering over anything chocolate and peanut butter then running it off whenever she has a chance. Running fills her cup so she can take care of the family God has blessed her with. She is a wordy, type-A, OCD Momma who loves fashion, running, cute babies and more importantly her family and her God. {Life motto :: Phil 4:13}

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