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Nourishing Habits That Stay

Nourishing Habits That Stay

When you look at all the areas of your life that may need to change for you to live more nourished and less stressed, even this can feel overwhelming. Where to begin? How to begin? And how many times have we enthusiastically announced we’re ready to make a big change! — only to fall back

Suffering: Seek Out and Embrace a More Nourishing Story

One way the brain processes upset is through telling itself stories from different angles until it settles on a narrative that fits and helps you move forward. One way you can help yourself heal is to examine the stories you tell yourself. If these looping stories are bringing up more anger, resentment, worry, or sorrow

Top 10 Everday Stressors for Women

Don’t forget to pause and nourish yourself a bit along the way. When you’re born to help others sometimes you forget to help yourself. ~ Paula Heller Garland What kind of nourishment do you need most for the pace and challenges of your unique life? David, the wild-hearted Shepherd-Warrior-King, wrote psalms full of prayers for superhuman energy bursts. For by You

family bonding in kitchen

Family Bonding: Making Memories in the Kitchen

Family bonding can take place anywhere, but when it takes place in the kitchen, something magical happens. Besides rearranging furniture, some of my son Jackson’s other favorite “toys” are the rice maker, a four-cup coffeemaker (without the glass pot), the salad spinner, and of course the universal childhood favorite, pots and pans. At fifteen months