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These prayers are so honest and simple. Sometimes, we make prayer too complicated. We don’t say what we mean, we try to keep secrets from God as if that’s possible. He already knows, so just tell Him about it. Let’s commit today to start speaking to Him about everything we’re thinking about and ask Him for a new nearness, a new sweetness. We need Him!

Dear God…

Dear God…

  Editor’s note: Bunmi is deeply honest with God. She’s funny and poignant. In these often short and sweet, funny, heart-felt, sometimes sad or angry prayers you’ll feel like you’ve met a friend who gets it. * Dear God, I know you do a lot. They say you hold the atmosphere together with your hands

Love. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know that You love me, and I suppose I don’t know if I love You either. I fear You and I respect Your power, but I’m afraid Your next move will take another chunk out of me.

Are You Painting Your Masterpiece with My Pain?

  Honest Prayers for The Darkest Times Dear God, I was making a list of things I know for sure, but when I went to write “God loves me,” I couldn’t — it felt like a lie. I believe You love me, but I don’t know it. I think You do. Your book says You