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Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

We love a good story. In the Robertson family, about the time you start learning to tie your shoes is when you start listening to good stories. Later you get your chance to tell a good story. Our stories involve experiences we have gone through, taken from the ordinary things we deal with every day,

Protect Yourself: Put on the Armor of God

Editor’s Note: Enjoy this devotion with your family or the kids in your life. It’s from the brand-new, first devotional for kids by the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame!  But the Lord is faithful. He will give you strength and protect you from the Evil One. — 2 Thessalonians 3:3 Korie loves to snow

God Wants Humble Kids, Not Ones with High Self-Esteem

If I were to ask a group of modern parents whether they want their children to have feelings of insignificance, I’m pretty sure that most of them would shake their heads and shout, “No!” But if I were to ask the same parents whether they wanted their children to be humble, they would respond, “Yes,

Faith Commander: Do You Have Redonkulous Faith?

Living in the spotlight, subjecting yourself to the scrutiny of those who take pleasure in exploiting your flaws is beyond difficult. Many families crumble when subjected to this kind of pressure. The world of reality TV proves this point. Viewers watch helplessly as couples they have come to know crash and burn. One might ultimately