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Jesus Starts at the Bottom

Jesus Starts at the Bottom

Jesus Starts at the Bottom Picture a woman who is about to rappel down the side of a tall cliff. Before taking off down the rock’s face, she will first make certain that the rope is long enough to reach the bottom. If the top of the cliff is one hundred feet high, she is

you have not looked for God in every place

Make the Leap into Love

What it looks like to be sick with love is modeled for us in Song of Solomon. This strikingly erotic biblical book chronicles the romantic love relationship between King Solomon and a woman, who serves as the primary speaker of the book.1 Like any good love story, the book has its ups and downs. There

Killing Sin

Killing Sin Is Confirmation I love airports. For many they are a source of stress, but for me they are a respite. I think it is the camaraderie of so many people on a similar journey, submitting to a similar process. Before you enter the terminal there are many steps through which every passenger must

Stop Saying No to Sin

Christians have been trained to fight sin the same way teenagers were taught to fight drugs in the 1980’s. Both have been markedly ineffective. Nancy Regan started her famous campaign against drugs with a simple slogan: “Just say no.” In response, a Los Angeles based movement called D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) began producing education