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What Do You Do When It Storms?

What Do You Do When It Storms?

I never dreamed I would write a book about storms. Well, I also never dreamed I would face such tragedies but… it happened. I learned that storms are inevitable, and unfortunately they’re not a dream. A dream about a storm would be great but storms that become reality can be something else. When you experience

Psalm 46:10

Make Prayer or Meditation and Physical Exercise a Part of Your Recovery

The truth is you will thrive after tragedy much faster by making these a part of your weekly routine, and I recommend incorporating them in that order. Prayer is important. Taking time to talk to God, and to listen to what He wants to tell you, is so crucial. It is a two-way conversation, figuratively

Beyond the Storm: Strategies to Keep Your Hope Alive

Editor’s note: We will face storms. But, how do we endure them well as Christians who hope in Jesus no matter the circumstances? After Hurricane Katrina, Pastor Debra Morton needed a playbook of faith for herself and for those she ministered to. Because pain happens. But we have a Savior who is the God of