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Making Your Small Group Work Tip 2

Tip 2: Being Attentive Definition: Being attentive is noticing and naming what is happening in both the group process and in individuals. Biblical references: • Proverbs 4:1 and 5:1—God wants us to be attentive to him • Proverbs 22:17—God wants us to be attentive to others • Romans 12:10—We honor each other when we pay attention

Making Your Small Group Work Tip 1

Tip 1: Active Listening Definition: Active listening is communicating to someone that you hear what they are saying so they feel heard and understood. Biblical references: • James 1:19— “. . . everyone should be quick to listen . . .” • Proverbs 17:27–28— “A man of knowledge uses words with restraint.” Why it’s important: •

Making Your Small Group Work Session 3

Session 3: Setting Ground Rules Session 3 includes the following video segments: What are Ground rules (22 minutes) How’d It Go? (1 minute) Closing Thoughts (2 minutes)     “Segment One: What Are Ground Rules?” • Ground rules provide the “guard rails” for a group Clear expectations are essential for a good outcome Ground rules

Making Your Small Group Work Session 2

Session 2: Five Habits of Life-changing Groups Five habits that create a grace-filled, truth-telling group: Care • Being “for” each other • Encouraging each other • Coming alongside one another Safety • Having a “come-as-you-are” culture • Feeling safe enough to be yourself • Accepting each other unconditionally Authenticity • Being “real” with each other

Making Your Small Group Work Session 1

Session 1: Getting connected–God’s purpose for small groups Welcome to Making Your Small Group Work! We are excited to begin the journey with you and your group. This resource is designed to be a training experience for both members and leaders, so the entire group can see, learn, and understand the essential elements for successful,

Making Your Small Group Work Intro

Making Your Small Group Work: Intro Small Group Leaders play a critical role in helping people grow and share their faith. FaithGateway is committed to helping leaders by providing high quality resources created by top Christian authors. For a limited time, we are making this entire 4-part course, plus 16-tip eNewsletter available to FaithGateway members.