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Read the Bible

Read the Bible

Read the Bible

One way to read the Bible is to read it like a novel to see the larger picture of God’s story as opposed to studying specific passages, word origins, or prophecies from the Old Testament connected to the New. If you’re new to reading the Bible, starting with detailed strategies like that can get you

The Joy Model: Radically Trusting God

Buzz. Buzz. Michelle’s cell phone vibrated twice on her night stand. It was a text coming in at 12:40 a.m. I was zonked out and the sound barely registered with me. “Jeff, Jeff, wake up. Look.” It was a text from my seventeen-year-old son’s ex-girlfriend: “Please check on Neal. He sent me this photo.” It

Joy: Cultivating Healthy Relationships

The old saying that “communication is not what is said, but what is heard” is absolutely true. Even if a person is committed to making time for their key relationships and has their heart in the right place, they can torpedo a relationship with the wrong word choice, inappropriate tone, bad timing, or offensive body language. The proverb, The