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Women, You Matter!

Helen, Marie, Ann, Inez, Ruth, Mavis… These were my grandma’s girlfriends, present in my earliest memories. They all held me the first week I lived. I cannot remember my grandma without them — in her kitchen, playing dominos, vacationing at her Colorado cabin, attending our graduation ceremonies, bringing the swankiest gifts to our weddings and

Run Your Race

I am inspired by people doing what they do best…. God truly built gifts into our lives. Everyone is good at something. Some make a living with their gifts and others just bless the world. I am thinking of several women who are really, really good at friendship. They are such spectacular friends to me that

Hope for Spicy Families

Although it’s reductive, I categorize most families as either “sweet” or “spicy.” There are pros and cons to both, with tons of overlap on the Venn diagram, but still. In general, a family trends toward one or the other. One guess which way the Hatmakers lean. We are spicy people. We love obnoxious humor and