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What Has Happened to the Awkward Years?

What Has Happened to the Awkward Years?

Seriously, what in the world happened to them? They have died and been buried eight feet deep. I think Brittany Spears killed them. Want to know what I was doing as a preteen girl? I guarantee you it had nothing to do with contouring or houndstooth skater dresses. First of all, I was terribly awkward.

Gospel-Centered Easter Traditions For the Family

  I love the whimsy and magic of Easter. I like hiding Easter baskets, picking out new dresses, and gathering a gaggle of kids for a good old egg hunt. But as fun as these traditions are, they pale in comparison to rich traditions that bring to life the Gospel. As a mom, I treasure

25 Scriptures to Start Memorizing with Your Kids Today

Motherhood is flying by. It seems just yesterday I was postpartum-weeping with a fussy newborn in my arms. Now, my oldest is nearly a decade old, which leaves me just 412 Saturdays left with him. (I counted.) Of all the things I hope to accomplish in this brief window of time with my children, at