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The Quiet Power of Bedtime Prayers

The Quiet Power of Bedtime Prayers

I slip out of my daughter’s room with my last, “I love you” and quietly shut the door. Before I head downstairs I sneak a peek at my son as I hear his voice uttering this prayer. Dear God, Thank You for a good day. Thank You for the yummy food we had to eat

3 Keys to Cultivating Consistent Family Bible Study Time

Family Bible study time is an important part of leading kids along their faith journey. But it’s hard to be consistent when life is busy and unpredictable. I think the biggest challenge to being consistent with anything in life is our expectations. When we expect ourselves to be consistent with a grand plan to gather

4 Reasons the ICB Translation is a Game-Changer for Kids and God’s Word

Can I make a confession? My favorite translation of the Bible is currently the ICB®, The International Children’s Bible. Yup… you read that right. I’m obsessed with a children’s version of God’s Word. It’s not because I’m unable to understand the more sophisticated, adult versions of the Bible. I’ve spent my life learning to read

5 Things You Should Say to Your Kids Every Day to Build Strong Identity

We’ve been back to school for over a month and now that we’ve found our groove, I’ve turned my attention away from school supplies and preparation and on to the deeper needs of my children. Is that true for your family, too? Just about 40 days in and we’ve already had tough homework, bus stop

Speak TRUTH: How to Make Bible Stories Come Alive for Your Kids

I’ve watched my children grow from a simple interest in Bible stories and characters to an understanding of bigger faith concepts that directly apply to their lives. It’s exciting to make Bible stories come alive for our kids so they can apply what they learn to their own lives. But it can feel daunting to

Say It! Then Pray It! Speaking God’s Word Aloud

When my daughter was born, I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion and the weight of responsibility that came with motherhood. I struggled early on, wondering if I could do this mom thing and I obsessed over each decision I had to make. My relationship with God grew as I questioned, complained and even begged for