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Bother Jesus with the Absurd

Bother Jesus with the Absurd

Ever felt desperate? Ever been in a situation in life when you were totally and completely helpless and you didn’t know what to do or who to turn to? I have a friend whose son was murdered. The son stood up for a boy who was being picked on by a group of bullies, and

Depression: Jesus Understands Deep Sorrow

I was thirteen, working on some homework at the kitchen table when the yellow crank-dial phone that hung on the wall rang. My mom was washing dishes at the time, and I remember her gently drying off her hands before she answered it. “Oh no!” was her response. I watched as her shoulders sank and

Jesus Prom: Loving People Like Jesus Loves

My cousin Kathy was born with Down syndrome. Every year when our family would gather at my grandparents’ house in western Kansas, Kathy would set up all the birthday cards she had received the previous year on the kitchen table and explain why each one meant so much to her. She also loved to show us the engagement ring