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So Many Questions! Encouraging Kids’ Curiosity

So Many Questions! Encouraging Kids’ Curiosity

Mama, look! A tiny sprout! Who made this sprig of spring pop out? He who knows our every need. Only God can make a seed. – from Only God Can Make a Kitten Why do kids ask so many questions? Do yours have a case of the endless, “why?” “how?” and “who?” questions? Children are

Celebrating Easter with Faith, Food, and Fun

  When most people think about Easter, they think of fancy dresses, bunnies, and chocolate eggs. As Christians, we know it’s a celebration of so much more, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Holy week is a time to prepare our hearts to rejoice in this epic story of triumph. Here are just a handful of ways we do this

Why Story Matters

I grew up in a Christian home. My mother took my brother and I to church every Sunday and youth group every Friday night. I even attended a private Christian school for a few years. Despite all those hours sitting in the pews, surrounded by people of faith, I felt disconnected. I loved God and

Helping Our Children Through Sibling Struggles

Have you ever read a book that you can totally relates to your life? Come across characters that make you smile because they remind you of family members? Fallen in love with a fictional family that could be your own? I have in The Berenstein Bears and the Biggest Brag. While my husband and I

How to Help a Friend Who Is Hurting

When I was 18 years old, my boyfriend died in a car accident. We were together since my junior year; he was my high school sweetheart.  It happened just two months after I finished my freshman year in college. People said long distance relationships don’t last, ours did. I was devastated. I felt empty and

What Is a Good Friend?

What is a good friend? When my oldest daughter was just three months old, I met bunch of moms from neighboring towns through a Mommy and Me class. We formed a playgroup and met weekly to let our little ones “play”. Just a few years later, with the addition of siblings, our group grew to

What Does the Bible Say About Sportsmanship?

My seven-year-old boy loves sports. So far, he has played soccer, baseball, football, floor hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. When I ask him which one is his favorite, he has a tough time choosing. While the sports he plays will change from season to season, I hope the one thing that will remain the same is his good sportsmanship.

How to Start a Book Club for Kids

I don’t remember reading a lot of books when I was in grade school. My love of cozying up with a great novel and a cup of tea didn’t start until after I graduated college. As a mom, I want my children to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of reading. One of the ways we have made

A Birthday Letter and Gift for My Tween Daughter

My little girl is not so little any more. It’s hard to believe that almost eleven years ago I was in a New York City hospital anticipating her early arrival. This precious little girl that I held in my arms is a few short years away from becoming a young lady, no longer my baby girl. She’s