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A Turquoise Table Christmas Story

A Turquoise Table Christmas Story

  Susan woke up one morning with leftover cookies from a big batch she’d made to welcome her son home from college for Christmas. After a few days with an abundance of cookies testing her willpower, she had to stop eating them, but hated to toss them in the garbage. In a spontaneous move, she

Hospitality: Ordinary Moments Matter

Editor’s note: Jesus told us to love one another. But, in this day with busy schedules and busier families in every home on our block, just meeting the neighbors can be a challenge. Kristin Schell decided to take Him seriously in a very unique way. She painted a picnic table turquoise and put it in

The turquoise table

Notice. Pray. Show Up. Love.

Editor’s Note: Welcome to Sit & Listen Saturday featuring Devotionals Daily on Alexa. Enjoy reading as well as listening to your devotional today from The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell. In the beginning, the day the unpainted picnic table arrived at our house, I posed a hypothesis: What if we were to take all of our backyard activities