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5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Whole Family

5 Ways to Enjoy Fall with the Whole Family

Fall is one of my favorite seasons! The cooler temperatures (here in Texas we experience some pretty extreme summer heat), the golden colors, the animals getting their winter coats… it is spectacular!  But with all of the busyness of life and back-to-school activities, we might miss the pleasures of fall if we aren’t purposeful about

not celebrate holloween

Why Our Family Doesn’t Celebrate Halloween

There are many schools of thought about the observance of Halloween by Christians. Should we participate in the activities around us?  Do we dress up and hand out candy?  What about the harvest festivals hosted by local churches that are intended to offer an alternative? Our family has made very deliberate, carefully considered decisions about

All Kids Learn Differently: Is Your Child’s Learning Style Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic?

At the beginning of my homeschooling journey, I noticed that my children didn’t learn the same way.  Our oldest daughter took to reading like a fish in water and was devouring novels by the time she was four years old.  “I’m so good at homeschooling,” I thought to myself.  But then I tried to teach the

How to Be a Brave Girl

I have been reading Brave Girls 365-Day Devotional, and considering what it means to be brave in today’s world.  I’m old. When I was 12-years old, bravery looked like riding my bike with bell bottoms on even though they could get caught in the spokes and send me crashing. Now it’s so much deeper, scarier, and harder.  Youth is getting lost

Take the Family Church Challenge

Sometimes I wonder if we are making the most of our opportunities at church. I mean, we go on Sunday morning and smile and ask the people in the row behind us how their week was. We visit a little bit, occasionally checking in on someone that we know is having a hard time. But

3 Tips for Praying for Your Teens

Teens. {Did your heart just stop for a second?} I currently have four teens and three that have already gotten through the teen years and a couple pulling up the rear. I know teens. It’s such a hard time in life. You’re not a child.  You’re not an adult. You feel ready to move on

5 Tips for Encouraging Your Kids to Pursue Their Dreams

Right now one of my main parenting jobs is to help my children find their path in life.  They are all out of diapers and in middle school, high school or early adult years and the world is at their feet. They’re ready to go out and change the world! Sounds good, right? But oh