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teaching kids gratitude

Teaching Children Gratitude – My Extreme Measures

Teaching Children Gratitude – My Extreme Measures

Teaching my children to be thankful and have an attitude of gratitude has been one of my greatest challenges as a parent. Like many children in our Western culture, my kids are very privileged and they don’t always appreciate the things that they have, from the food in the fridge to the abundant toys in

Free Easter Nests Recipe from FaithGirlz

My daughter, Zoe, and I love to cook together, especially around the holidays! We recently tried the Crispy Easter Nests recipe from the FaithGirlz cookbook Food, Faith & Fun, and I’m thrilled today to give you this free recipe, published here with permission from our friends at FaithGirlz & Zonderkidz. Cooking in the kitchen with your kids is a

He Got It Just Right: Reminding Your Kids They Are Special

If you’re anything like me and my kids, just hearing the first few notes of the VeggieTales theme song makes you want to jump up and dance and sing. We love VeggieTales! We have watched and read so many of the movies and stories and have enjoyed them all. Each story has a great lesson

Why I Caved and Gave My Daughter a Sparkly Bible

Why I Caved and Gave My Daughter a Sparkly Bible (God doesn’t care – just read it!) Having a little girl and watching her grow up to be the unique and lovely creature God intended is one of the most precious gifts imaginable. I’m so thankful for my sweet girly girl who has more style

How to Plan the Perfect Party

Party planning doesn’t have to be a big ordeal, and it doesn’t have to be just “mom’s job.” It can be fun and adventurous and something your kids can even get involved in. I love hosting birthday parties, dinner parties, product review parties, root beer parties, any kind of parties. I will admit though that I’m

Springtime: New Beginnings

Spring is when everything comes to life, flowers bloom, animals come out of hiding, and people start emerging from their houses. We Seattle-ites sort of hibernate during the rainy season just like animals do so it’s nice when the weather starts warming up and raining less. We love going outside, hiking and just enjoying nature.

The Spirit of Christmas: Why Do We Buy Presents?

  I was reading the book The Legend of St. Nicholas to my children the other day and it really got me thinking about the purpose of buying Christmas presents. I have to admit that I sort of hate the Christmas shopping season. People get so ugly while they are buying presents. Black Friday kicks

Get to know heroes of faith

4 Resources for Biblical Teaching at Home

I know a lot of families that home school their kids and I suddenly find myself considering home schooling my own. But even if I decide to keep them in public school it would be nice to find another way to enhance their Bible story knowledge at home in a way that is fun and