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Teaching Bible Stories to Children

Teaching Bible Stories to Children

  You know what’s easy for a child? A child has more understanding of God’s love and understanding than we do. They don’t need to see nails or crowns of thorns to believe. All they need is a story. All they need is something simple. All they need is for you to read to them and tell

Travel The Bible This Summer!

Do you want to travel somewhere new this summer but find yourself stuck at home? In my family, we love to travel, love to explore, and love to read! Try traveling or sending your young explorer to amazing places from the Bible this summer through the adventure of reading some great books! The Let’s Go Explore books

A Bible for Your Little Super Hero

Why Do Kids Need Super Heroes of the Bible? Are you looking for a way to get boys interested in the Bible? Try the Super Heroes Bible in 3D NIrV: The Quest for Good Over Evil. My son is “all boy” and was born that way. He’s into anything with wheels, anything that flies and anything representing a

Lessons in Love

Lessons in Love All Year Long

Earlier this month we celebrated Valentine’s Day and many parents take advantage of the topic of the holiday to teach their children important lessons on love. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the only time of the year when we teach kids how to love each other. Jesus is all about love. His number

Real Girls of the Bible: A Great Mother-Daughter Devotional

My 7-year old daughter Zoe loves to read and I’m amazed at her ability. Since she’s reading on her own now, I’ve wanted to do a Bible study with her, as it would accomplish three goals in one: we would spend time together; it would open up a strong dialogue; and it would give her

The Meaning of Christmas

Sharing the Meaning of Christmas with Your Kids through Books

I’m always willing to try a new idea that could easily become a holiday tradition. For example, last year we found a book about The Sparkle Box where you place a box on your mantle place all year and as your family or children do good deeds, write them down, then place them in the