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One Shot at a Time | The Winning Way of Golf and Life

One Shot at a Time

One Shot at a Time

One Shot at a Time If your head is in the wrong place, you can expect everything else to follow. — Dr. Mo From the New York Times, April 8, 2007: Augusta, Ga. — The wind had finally eased at Augusta National Golf Club, and Zach Johnson, the son of a chiropractor from Cedar Rapids,

Winning at Life: Give God the Glory

The Bible is a book about many things, but one of the great themes running from cover to cover is men and women rising to the challenges in life through faith in God. When the test comes, when the difficulty arises, when the obstacle looms in front of you, don’t shy away from the challenge. With God’s help, step

Refocus: Pray About Everything!

You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about. – Bobby Jones Stewart Cink and I had been working together for only a few months in 2009 before he had the opportunity to play at one of the crown jewels of golf: the British Open. The oldest championship tournament in golf, it was being played