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Helping Kids Choose to Do What’s Right

Helping Kids Choose to Do What’s Right

Bob is four years old and regularly leaves his pajamas on the floor in the bedroom after he gets dressed. Mom wants to help him manage himself in this simple area. How can she use a conscience approach to help her son do what’s right without being told? All parents want to help their children

The Ultimate Parenting Strategy

Children are unique. Parents have different parenting styles and passions, but when it comes to helping children grow out of some of their most difficult problems, there’s nothing that does a better job than addressing the heart and building internal motivation in kids. Parents who incorporate the conscience into their parenting actually do things differently

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What to Teach Kids about the Bible

Of all the things you do in parenting, even the most important parenting tips boil down to one thing: your primary job is to train your children to be disciples of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the guidebook for life, and when people, including children, follow it, good things happen. But how can you teach