Week Two: The Exhausting Pursuit of Happiness

Week Two

Watch: The 3-minute video with Vicki

Study: John 10:10

Read: Chapter 2 of Rest Assured (pages 25-45)

Verse of the Week 

John 10:10: The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

Challenge of the Week 

Are you missing out on the abundant life Jesus promised because you've made happiness your pursuit rather than Jesus? This week carve out some time to examine your own personal pursuit of happiness. Look over the lists on pages 28-29 of Rest Assured and create your own if/then list.

If _____________, then I will be happy.

When you're done, put a giant red X over your list and at the bottom, write this: If I pursue Jesus I have life that is exceedingly, abundantly above. Tuck that list in your Bible as a reminder.

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Vicki Courtney is a speaker and the best-selling author of numerous books and Bible studies including, Rest Assured, Move On, Ever After, 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter, and 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son. She is the recipient of a Mom's Choice award and a two-time ECPA Christian Book Award winner. Follow her at vickicourtney.com

Vicki Courtney
Vicki Courtney Bible Study Teacher, Speaker, and Author

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This week we invite you to share your response to a question that Vicki poses in her "Rest Stop" to Chapter 2 (page 48) of this week's reading. If you were honest, what would you say has been your primary pursuit: the world's idea of happiness or Jesus' promise of the abundant life?

Share your comments on this topic or anything from this week's challenge!

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