F is for Fall Fun

Fall is my favorite season!  I think I’d go in mourning if I ever had to move to an area of the world that doesn’t experience the crisp, cool breezes and vibrant colors and scents of autumn!

What’s not to love? There are so many wonderful things to experience and eat during the fall—everything from apple picking, pumpkin patch exploring, jumping in the leaves, hot apple cider, s’mores, and pumpkin spice lattes.

Do you have traditions that you enjoy with your family in the fall season?

How about a fun, fall scavenger hunt to get outdoors and experience some family time?

You can split up into groups, walk the neighborhood, or go for a drive.  You find what works best for your individual family.  Feel free to do the observational route or take pictures of the items on your list.


Here’s a list of things to find:

□ orange leaf

□ acorn

□ pumpkin

□ large stick

□ red leaf

□ spider

□ squirrel

□ worm

□ colorful mum plant

□ fall yard flag

□ front door autumn wreath

□ football

□ feather

□ candy corn

□ duck

□ animal footprint

□ pinecone

□ hay bale

□ corn stalk

□ scarecrow

□ bird’s nest

□ red berries

□ spider web

□ flower

□ butterfly


After you are done with your hunt, come back to your house to have a picnic of cinnamon sugar donuts with hot apple cider! Discuss with your family some of the ways God is so amazing when He designed the different seasons, specifically fall.

Here are some other fun fall activities to try with your family—even if you live in warmer climates you can replicate some of these at home:

  • Leaf Jumping
  • Apple Picking
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch and Make Pies
  • Make Hot Chocolate/Cider
  • Corn Maze
  • Hay Ride
  • Decorate your Front Porch
  • Paint Pinecones
  • Watch a Fall Movie with Popcorn
  • Have a Bonfire with S’mores
  • Play Flag Football
  • Surprise a Neighbor with Fall Basket of Treats


And don’t forget to stock up on some great fall books to celebrate the season!

Whatever you decide to do, try to have fun together as a family. God ordained the family unit, and it is under attack.  Be proactive, and plan fun, laid-back days to laugh together and enjoy one another’s company!

* * *

Your Turn

What are your family plans for Fall? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Traci is a curly-headed dreamer who loves her Savior, adores her best friend called Hubby, and her three children! She never knew how much she would love being at home full time with her kids, but she does (most days)! What a privilege and high calling! She loves to blog, take pictures, cook, decorate cakes, and make her home cozy and inviting! She also enjoys teaching women God’s Word through Bible studies at church and online devotions. It is her desire to glorify God through encouraging and edifying other women. It is her heart’s cry to motivate women to abide in Christ, respect their spouse, and raise their little ones to know the love of Jesus. God’s grace captivates her in such a way that she wants her life to make a difference for His glory.

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