Getting Organized Before School Starts

Tips for getting organized before school starts

It’s time to start thinking about making the shift from the lazy days of summer to the more organized schedule of fall.  I always hate to say goodbye to the relaxing family togetherness that we have enjoyed all summer long!

To make the transition easier, and so I don’t have to carry the burden of all the work on my own, I get my children to chip in and help with getting organized again.

The first place where we start in getting organized before school starts is the kids’ rooms.  We empty out the drawers and get rid of things that wore out over the summer or don’t fit anymore.

Then we tackle the closets and shelves.  There are always new books that we purchased for the summer and the shelves start to look like a bomb exploded nearby.  Once we have straightened, we make sure to place in front the books that we still haven’t started reading.

Next, we tackle the kids’ work spaces and throw away old papers, chewed down pencils, and nubby erasers.  Since we homeschool, my kids will need a fresh, clean place to do their school work at home.  I even give them the job of checking all of the lightbulbs and cleaning them.  We need bright light for reading and studying!

Once everything is ready for school we take one last day off from the world.  We may go for walks, play games or make a special snack together.  I spend a little time with each child, getting in touch with how they are feeling about the new school year and what it holds.  I always want to know where their heads are so I can give them all the support they need.

Spending time together by getting organized for the upcoming fall season is great for the whole family.  Plus it helps to keep the new schedule from seeming like it happened without warning.

Here’s to a wonderful start of the school year!

Your Turn

What organization tips have you found helpful when it comes to preparing your kids for the fall and the new school year?

Lisa Pennington lives in the Texas Hill Country with her husband of 27 years and their 9 children. She homeschools while trying to figure out how to run their little farm with no real knowledge of how to care for goats or grow a garden, turning her life into a comedy of errors. When she has a few extra minutes, she loves to help other women find their identity in Christ and have the courage to live their calling. She blogs about her family life at The Pennington Point, and runs an etsy shop with her daughters, Shop 24, . When people ask how she does it all she replies, “I’m not sure, but I know I need a nap!” You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @PenningtonPoint.

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