How Do You Know God’s Will

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Morning — God’s Will Be Done

May Your kingdom come and what You want be done, here on earth as it is in heaven. — Matthew 6:10

To pray, “Thy will be done” is to seek the heart of God. The word will means “strong desire.”… [So] what is His heart? His passion? He wants you to know it.

Shall God hide from us what He is going to do? Apparently not, for He has gone to great lengths to reveal His will to us. Could He have done more than send His Son to lead us? Could He have done more than give His Word to teach us? Could He have done more than orchestrate events to awaken us? Could He have done more than send His Holy Spirit to counsel us?

God is not the God of confusion, and wherever He sees sincere seekers with confused hearts, you can bet your sweet December that He will do whatever it takes to help them see His will.


Evening — The Pioneer of Salvation

He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities. — Isaiah 53:5

The one to whom we pray knows our feelings. He knows temptation. He has felt discouraged. He has been hungry and sleepy and tired. He knows what we feel like when the alarm clock goes off. He knows what we feel like when our children want different things at the same time. He nods in understanding when we pray in anger. He is touched when we tell Him there is more to do than can ever be done. He smiles when we confess our weariness.

He wants us to remember that he, too, was human.

He wants us to know that he, too, knew the drone of the humdrum and the weariness that comes with long days. He wants us to remember that our trailblazer didn’t wear bulletproof vests or rubber gloves or an impenetrable suit of armor. No, He pioneered our salvation through the world that you and I face daily.

No wonder they call Him the Savior!

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Your Turn

What steps have you taken to find God’s will, to know His heart? Jesus walked through our world. He was hungry. He was discouraged. How can this help you face difficult days? We would love to hear from you! Come join the conversation on our blog! ~ Devotionals Daily

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