Listen for My Voice

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“Love the Lord your God, listen to his voice and hold fast to him. For the Lord is your life.” – Deuteronomy 30:20

Stop worrying, and listen carefully for My voice. But remember that I speak softly. If your thoughts are too noisy, you will not hear me.

I understand that there are many things to think about: school, family, friends, what to wear, what to say, what to do…the list goes on and on. All those thoughts start bouncing around in your mind, zig-zagging all over the place – until the “noise” they make drowns out My voice.

You’ll never hear Me above all that confusion. That is why I gave you a special gift- My Spirit inside you. Ask My Spirit to quiet your thoughts so that you can hear Mine. Then sit peacefully in My Presence – letting my thoughts become yours.

Your Turn

In what ways do you encourage your children to listen for God’s voice? We’d love to hear from you on our blog!

Sarah Young

Sarah Young’s devotional writings are personal reflections from her daily quiet time of Bible reading, praying, and writing in prayer journals. With sales of more than 30 million books worldwide, Jesus Calling has appeared on all major bestseller lists. Sarah’s writings include Jesus Calling®, Jesus Always, Jesus Today™, Jesus Lives™, Dear Jesus, Jesus Calling for Little Ones, Jesus Calling Bible Storybook, Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids, Jesus Always: 365 Devotions for Kids, and Peace in His Presence-each encouraging readers in their journey toward intimacy with Christ. Sarah and her husband were missionaries in Japan and Australia for many years. They currently live in the United States.

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