Making Your Small Group Work Tip 11

Tip 11: Prayer

Use creativity and different techniques when you pray as a group in order to expand people’s understanding of what prayer can be and to deepen the connection with God and each other.

Biblical references:
• Jeremiah 29:12—“Call upon me . . . and I will listen”
• Matthew 6:9—“This, then, is how you should pray”

Other relevant verses:
• Luke 11:2–13
• Romans 12:2
• Colossians 4:2

Examples of kinds of prayer:
• Prayers of blessing
• Expression of sadness or frustration (lament)
• Praise
• Affirmation
• Silence
• Dedication
• Commissioning

Examples of methods of prayer:
• Small sub-groups
• Praying Scripture
• Praying through a psalm
• Prayer partners
• Quiet listening prayer
• Written prayers read out loud

Pay attention to language: avoid trite repetition or filler words (i.e., avoid “just”)

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Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud is a popular speaker, and co-host, with Dr. John Townsend, of the nationally broadcast New Life Live! Radio program, and cofounder of Cloud-Townsend Clinic and Cloud-Townsend Resources. His bestselling books include the Gold Medallion Award-winning Boundaries books and Making Small Groups Work. Dr. Cloud and his wife and two daughters live in Southern California.

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John Townsend

Dr. John Townsend is a psychologist, popular speaker, and cohost of the nationally broadcast New Life Live! radio program, and a cofounder of Cloud-Townsend clinic and Cloud-Townsend Resources. He is coauthor of the bestselling Boundaries and author of Boundaries with Teens and Hiding from Love.

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Bill Donahue

Dr. Bill Donahue is the author of the bestselling Leading Life-Changing Small Groups, Building a Life-Changing Small Groups Ministy (with Russ Robinson), Coaching Life-Changing Leaders (with Greg Bowman), and the Equipping Life-Changing Small Groups DVD.

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