Parenting: The Benefits of Discipline


Discipline is the way to life.

Does this sound like an ironic statement? Most people think of discipline as a burden that is placed upon an individual. No child celebrates discipline. Yet it’s the hope for everyone. It teaches us the right way to live and how to overcome challenges. It guides us when our self-will would choose a lesser way. It challenges us to be all we can be.

But to both discipline your children and teach them self-discipline is to give them hope for the future. Physical discipline, spiritual discipline, mental discipline—the list could go on and on. Reflect on these disciplines and consider which ones could be effective and helpful to guide your home. Be an example of living a disciplined life for your children so they will see the importance of it for their lives. Celebrate and embrace discipline with your children and cite examples of how it has helped everyone from the president of the United States to the athlete or the engineer.

Discipline is central to your child’s health and welfare. And though your children may at times fail in discipline and in fact need to be disciplined, teach them that heeding correction brings them honor.

Parenting Principle

Discipline may seem difficult; yet it makes the difficult easier.

Points to Ponder

How do you practice discipline in your life?

What are the benefits of discipline in your life?

How are you instilling in your children an appreciation for discipline—both being a disciplined person and accepting correction?

Excerpted with permission from Once-a-Day Nurturing Great Kids by Dan Seaborn, copyright Zondervan.

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Your Turn

What challenges have you faced in disciplining your children and teaching self-discipline? Join the conversation on our blog! We’d love to hear from you, parents!

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