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My seven-year old is in first grade and he is learning to read more complex books. To keep up with the pace at school it is important that he practices reading at home. He is already required to memorize verses from the Bible, but it is great when he can actually read Bible stories that he can understand and apply to his life.

Recently, my son has begun to read on his own the I Can Read! series and his interpretation and understanding of the material has been fun to watch. He started with the Level 2 which caters to developing readers who are reading with some help. I like that he is able to read the words and understand them with ease – and I especially like that the I Can Read! series books from Zonderkidz offer Biblical stories and moral truths.

I have a few suggestions for parents who want to assist their child with using the I Can Read! series:

1. Have your child read it to you first with little help. Highlight the words that they struggle with and make them go over them later using flash cards.
2. Get out your Bible and go over the scripture text for the story. Use it as a memory verse for the month or week.
3. Let him tell you aloud what he learned from the story or have him keep a journal and write down what he learned.

There are so many benefits to using these books as resources to not only help your kids learn God’s Word but to help them build a strong reading foundation. I can’t say enough about these books and how they have helped enhance my child’s reading experience. You will not regret adding these books to your family’s collection. You may even be surprised by learning a thing or two from your child!

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Winter Harris

Winter Harris is Founder and Editor in Chief of Defined by Grace, formerly Christ Centered Home Magazine, an online site for modern women of faith. She also owns Virtually There VA Services, a growing business support firm. She considers herself a bible and baby toting mom in heels and seeks to encourage women to walk out their faith boldly in today’s world. She is the proud mom of 4 blessings. She writes about her journey through pregnancy losses, auto immune diseases, life as an NFL wife, and being raised as a preacher’s kid. When away from her writing, she enjoys supporting various charitable organizations, cooking, crafting, and learning how to play the guitar. She serves as Reach Director & on the worship team at New Life Church in Gainesville, Virginia.

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