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Hear the Applause of God

Hear the Applause of God

Reflect on God’s Word Ludwig van Beethoven stood facing the orchestra as the last notes of his Symphony no. 9 faded away. After it was over, he continued to face the musicians, perhaps wondering where he had gone wrong. Why was there no applause from the audience? Finally, a singer approached one of the greatest

Loving Jesus means loving His people… all His people. Even when it isn’t easy. Even when they are outside our comfort zone. Let’s show the world the love of Jesus by sharing the gospel in ways that accommodate them so they know they’re loved!

Learning to Love People Different Than We Are

  How Much Can You Put Up With? Listen, I know it’s hard to embrace someone else’s cultural values. Whether it’s their noise level, the smell and look of their food, their communal gatherings, or the way they look at you, talk, dress, or act, another person’s way of life often feels like a disruption.