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As believers, we can’t just settle for a happy little life in the middle of an unseen but very real war. We, out of love, have to be armed to fight the evil one, the fallen world, and the flesh in the heart of every person to protect our hearts, the hearts of those we love, and the hearts of those entrusted to our care.

Becoming a Warrior

Becoming a Warrior

  Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old was that other men stopped seeing you as dangerous. I’ve always remembered that, how being dangerous was sacred, a badge of honor. You live your life by a code, an ethos. Every man does. It’s your shoreline. It’s what guides you home.

Becoming a King: Becoming Powerful

The great problem of the earth and the great aim of the masculine journey boil down to this: when can you trust a man with power? ~ John Eldredge A thirty-year-old man is like a densely populated city; nothing new can be built… without something else being torn down. ~ Mike Mason Stand at the

Becoming a King

  It is not what a man does that is of final importance, but what he is in what he does. The atmosphere produced by a man, much more than his activities, has the lasting influence. — Oswald Chambers Travel with me for a moment back to the narrow dirt roads of a first-century Roman