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It’s convicting to realize how the entitled world we live in seeps into our own thinking and even into our faith without even realizing it. Asking the question, “Am I living entitled?” is so important! Jesus paid the supreme price for us, not so we could live entitled identities, but submitted, humble ones knowing who we are in Him.

A Wretch Like Who?

A Wretch Like Who?

  Living Pardoned You are a serial killer. The memories of your deeds haunt you when you try to sleep at night. You’ve been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. You are spending the remaining months of your life in solitary confinement, living in a pitch-black cell the size of a small closet. A jailer

Win Not the Battle but the War

  Editor’s note: All men have the common ground of facing some level of sexual temptation or discontent — whether married or single. In the brand new book Beyond the Battle, pastor Noah Filipiak offers up an accessible, effective, go-to resource for individual or small group use that brings freedom from sexual temptations and connects