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A Yoke for Rest?

A Yoke for Rest?

In Jesus’ day, farmers used a yoke — a kind of collar — to link two oxen to each other. The yoke was then attached to some other object, such as a plow. Linked by the yoke, the two oxen could then work together, pulling whatever burden was attached to the yoke. Jesus applies this

Dads, Be the Hero

We talk about our moms as the center of the family. And in certain critical ways, they always will be. But as fathers we have just as important a role to play in the lives of our boys and girls that goes beyond carrying the family’s mantle of leadership. We must get back to the father’s traditional roles of

Bringing Order to Chaos: Shalom

When God wanted to bring order out of chaos and create the universe, He spoke, “Let there be light!” When He wanted to bring a once-and-for-all solution to the problem of fallen humanity, He spoke grace and truth in Jesus Christ. The prophet Isaiah said of Christ, But He was wounded for our transgressions, He