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Our Best Books for Family Week

Editor’s note: It’s Family Week at FaithGateway! Parenting, family, and marriage take work, yes, but there are no greater joys than in those precious relationships. We think they’re worthy of celebration! Here are some great titles we’ve curated for you to prioritize your favorite people. ~ Laurie McClure              

Where are you shining your light? Where are you making a dent? You are sent where you are! Your job, your school, your neighborhood, your gym, your coffee shop. Shine where you are!

Make a Dent Where They Are Sent

  “Make a dent where they are sent” is a phrase we’ve often used when preaching at our church. We strongly believe that God has strategically placed each one of us to be His light. Jesus said it best when he told His disciples: You are the light of the world. A town built on