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Contentment in Christ

Contentment in Christ

For many Americans, the pursuit of self-fulfillment and personal happiness has become a religion. Even Christians have bought into this religion of self-actualization, pursuing God only because they see Him as an agent for happiness. They want happiness, and they think they can use God to get it. In our society, we tend to make

Rules of Engagement: What does God Mean By Submission?

Read Ephesians 5:21-33 It doesn’t get more controversial than this. In conversations about Christian marriage, Ephesians 5:21-33 gets hauled out and used to defend all kinds of ideas about who gets to do and say what in a marriage. Submission Entire books have been written on the issue of submission in marriage. Scholars have debated it. Well-meaning people have

John 8:44

The Danger of Lies in Marriage and Relationships

What is your definition of truth? How often do you bend the truth to avoid trouble? Do you find yourself shielding truth from someone because you think it will protect them? In this week’s Bible Study, taken as an excerpt from the NIV Couples’ Devotional Bible, we’re looking at the marriage of Abram and Sarai from Genesis and the consequences of