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Learning to Listen to God’s Voice

Learning to Listen to God’s Voice

Just Say Yes! Isaiah 6:8 Reject low living, sight walking, small planning, casual praying, and limited giving — God has chosen you for greatness. Learning to listen to God’s voice is critical if you and I want to maintain the fire of our personal revival. Jesus taught that listening to His voice is one of

The Choice is Ours: Believe the Old or Be the New

Behold, I am making all things new. – Revelation 21:5 The resurrection affects everything. When Jesus rose from the dead to defeat sin, death, and evil, he overcame everything affected by the fall. Jesus is the first of a kind, not only a new kind of person but a new creation: Then I saw a

Life with Jesus Is Better

As certain as the Sunday morning when the tomb was empty, there will be a day when God dwells with His people in a place without even the faintest hint of sin. We will rest in Him forever. Until then, those with resurrection life can persevere in giving, celebrating, and serving because we know we