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teaching kids gratitude

Teaching Children Gratitude – My Extreme Measures

Teaching Children Gratitude – My Extreme Measures

Teaching my children to be thankful and have an attitude of gratitude has been one of my greatest challenges as a parent. Like many children in our Western culture, my kids are very privileged and they don’t always appreciate the things that they have, from the food in the fridge to the abundant toys in

10 Great Thanksgiving Books for Children

Teach your children about Thanksgiving traditions, gratitude and giving thanks to God this month for all their blessings with this collection of 10 of our favorite Thanksgiving books for children. Reading time with my kids before bed is still my favorite part of the day. My sons are growing older and can read on their own now,

The Joy of Holiday Cooking With Your Kids

Are you ready for holiday cooking? In our family, the excitement of sharing a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal begins long before we bake the bread, carve the turkey, or serve the pumpkin pie. Months before the holidays arrive, we begin visualizing the big event in our minds, making our guest list and checking it twice,