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The sweet and the salty, the sad and the happy mashed up together. It helps to remember that Jesus was “a man of many sorrows” Isaiah 53:3, doesn’t it? Along with joy there will be agony, and along with grief there will be rejoicing. Abundance.

Abundant Life: Both the Sweet and the Salty

Abundant Life: Both the Sweet and the Salty

  It was almost dusk when Cory saw our friend Jason trudging up the sidewalk, his earbuds jammed into his ears as usual. Pulling up to the curb, Cory swung open the passenger door and Jason hopped in. Young, lanky, and handsome with a wide, easy grin, I find him impossibly lovable. Jason is one

The Ministry of Paying Attention

In the book of John we read about John and Andrew, ordinary men who, by the power of the Spirit, recognized Jesus as the Lamb of God. Compelled by His presence, eager and curious, their first questions were stunningly basic. Who was He, really? How did He live? Jesus’ response? Come and see. — John

Waking Up to God’s Goodness Around You

When my doorbell rang last August, Michelle was the last person I expected to be waiting on the other side. I’d only met her a few times in the four years we had lived on the same street, and none of those times had been particularly noteworthy. I made an effort in the beginning, dropping